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Hiya ! So, I started this daily UI Challenge on YouTube by DesignSense. A friend of mine plugged me to it and so far it has been exciting. Day 1 was quite easy but day 2 was a bit, yunno harder lol. I guess the more I go, the tougher it gets but I am excited tbh! I want to be so goood at design, it is fast becoming my life. I would be posting my updates here every two days so I don’t spam you guys too much.

Anywayssss… See my babies!


This was fun to recreate because it was easy to find the exact 3D design that was used. Plus it looks prettyy but I think it needs better contrast. I would love feedback so I can implement and get better.


Lol. I feel somehow about this design tbh, I am proud that I did this because it is different from what was designed in the video. The pictures and colours are different. Then can you see those white tiny curves, I did that! I have never done that before and it looked good for a first try. But I still feel some type of way about the colour combination, what do you think?



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