I want to try again.

Peace Solomon
4 min readJun 1, 2022


My last post was October 26, 2021? Damn. Well, life is amusing. When I started my UX design journey, I thought consistency would be easy to achieve since I loved writing and documenting my UX journey. It’s been challenging, as you may have realized by now. But the thing is, I want to try again. I love sharing my journey, and I find myself doing that a lot either on WhatsApp, Twitter or Snapchat. It is scattered all over the place, so I decided to try again on Medium. Let’s see how it goes.

Also, something that really motivated me to try again is because I discovered that people were saving an article I wrote to their reading list. This means that I was making an impact, and it made me glad. So I said to myself, let’s try again.

What I have been up to.

📌 I completed my Google UX course and created my portfolio in March. It remains one of my best achievements because I learnt how to use Webflow in less than two weeks and created the portfolio. The Webflow University course was a super helpful guide, and you should check it out if you want to create your portfolio with Webflow.

Google UX Certification

📌 I started my first UX internship at a startup, and it has been really cool. It is one of my most exciting experiences because I get to build a complex product and learn a lot. I cannot wait to share when the product is launched.

User Experience Internship — Metacare

📌 I got to the next stage of a product designer (full-time) role application for the first time, and I did a design challenge. I got rejected after the challenge, and it was truly painful, but I am glad I got the experience.

Product Designer — Kuda

I was able to get helpful tips from a friend and I am hopeful that next time I would be able to pass any design challenge stage. Ps, I think design challenges are unfair to applicants. Check out my application here.

Feed,back I got from a friend

📌 I recently completed TheFutur’s Typography course and I shared some of the things I learnt on LinkedIn. I might make a more detailed post here sometime, hopefully. A designer I admire once told me that if you’ve hacked typography, then you’ve hacked design.

Design Tips on LinkedIn O’Clock 🥰📌 Typography Edition.

📍Where I am at

📝 I am currently taking TheFutur’s “Color for Creatives” course to get better at my color usage.

📝 I also want to start exploring motion design so I am looking at the roadmap a friend (ROJ) drew for people to get started in motion design. You should check it out.

📝 I am trying to document my design process better so I am exploring LinkedIn and Medium. I want to start with at least two posts a week for this. I have a LinkedIn accountability group I created to ensure that I achieve this goal.

📝 I am trying to watch more videos on YouTube to learn more about UX design, a YouTuber I am currently obsessed with is Rachel How. You can check out her YouTube channel.

📝 I want to create a new portfolio on Figma, I feel there is a lot I have learnt in the past months and I am not satisfied with my portfolio’s current state so that is a goal for this month.

Cheers to sharing and documenting more here 🥂✨ If you would like me to talk about anything or explain an area of UX design that is unclear to you, let me know in the comment section and I would do my best to! See you soonnn!